Construction is Different
Predictability Is the First Step Toward Profitability

PART 1. Contracts Give You the
Rules of the Game

Scope of Work
Standard Revisions

PART 2. Claims
Getting Paid for Your Work
What is a Claim?
Recovery of Interest
Recovery of Costs of Preparation of a Claim
Recovery of Legal Fees
Waivers and Releases
Mechanic’s Liens and Payment Bonds
How to Avoid Lawsuits: A Cure That Is Often
    Worse Than the Disease
Templates for Various Types of Claims

PART 3. Hammer & Tongs: Tools for Negotiation in the Construction Industry
Strategy and Bargaining Power
Focus on the Future, Not the Past
Speak Softly, But Carry a Big Stick
Special Characteristics of the
    Construction Industry
Tactics and Preparation for Negotiation


Construction Contractor’s Legal Toolbox is written for you, the project manager in the construction
industry. It will improve the performance of a subcontractor, a material supplier, a general contractor,
and a student who plans to work in this industry. It will provide you with tools that will reduce your
risks and improve your bottom line. 

What others are saying about this book!

“A must-read for every construction executive and project manager. Detailed templates for claims and change orders can be modified and standardized for every company’s use. Negotiating section invaluable for business development/ estimators. The best two or three hours you could spend relating to the construction industry.”

—Gary Hess
    Former Chairman, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.
    Former President, Comfort Systems USA
    Former President, Hess Mechanical Corporation

“This book will reduce your risks and make it easier to get
paid fairly for your work. Every contractor should read it and
keep it handy.”
—Wayne Ward
    Member, Board of Directors,
    American Subcontractors Association
    President, Busy Ditch, Inc.

“This book is worth its weight in gold! Every material supplier should take advantage of the recommendations in this book.”
—Ty E. Gable, FASAE, CAE
    President, National Precast Concrete Association

“You can put these tools to work immediately to improve your contracts, claims, and negotiations. The ideas in this book can have an immediate impact on your bottom line.”
—Bob MacDaniels
    President, Oncore Construction, LLC
    Former Chairman, Associated Builders &
    Contractors of Metro Washington